Want a simple way to turn your kids' clutter into cash?

????   Frequently Asked Questions About Selling  ????

*Will this take a lot of time?  It will take less time than organizing a garage sale.  Our user-friendly online tagging system helps speed up the process.  Once you sort your items, just enter online and print anytime at any printer.  Then attach your tags and you're ready to go!  

*I usually just donate my items.  Isn't that more beneficial to the community?  You can mark any or all items that do not sell for donation.  The items are passed on to local charities and distributed back into our community.  We provide a receipt for donated items.  

*How much money will I make? Sellers will get a check for 65% of their sales or 70% if they also volunteer.  The average seller check is between $200-$300.  Of course, that amount will vary based on how many items you bring to the resale.  Some sellers consistently make over $500!

*Won't I make more money if I sell it myself at a garage sale or list it on a buy/sell/trade group?  True, you don't have to pay a registration fee or give up a percentage of your sales if you hold your own garage sale.  However, we do most of the work for you including advertising.  We typically have between 600-700 people walk through the door.  Will you get 700 people at your garage sale?

*How much work do I actually have to do?  Once you register and pay the fee, you are responsible for tagging your items and bringing them to the church where we hold the KidStuff Resale.  You place your items in the designated areas on the sales floor (there is very clear signage), and we do the rest!!  We inspect all items to make sure they are in good condition, sell the items, and then sort and pack up your items when the resale is over.  You pick up your unsold items a few hours after the resale closes.  Then we mail you a check! It's that easy!!

Do you still have questions?  E-mail Christy at kidstuffresale@gmail.com!  I'm happy to help!

- No more waiting for NO-SHOWS from Buy/Sell/Trade groups.

- Usually we offer a higher split and sell more of your items than consignment shops

- No haggling at garage sales

Is selling with the KidStuff Resale worth it?

1. Register to become a seller and tag your items with our user-friendly online system

2. Bring your items on Thursday or Friday and place in designated areas on the sales floor

3. Pick up unsold items a few hours after the resale is over OR donate any/all unsold items

4. We'll mail you a check for 65% of your earnings or 70% if you also volunteer!

Hundreds of people will shop at the KidStuff Resale on August 26 at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church in Crystal Lake

"Awesome sale. I look forward to every sale to sell and buy, and if course, volunteer."  - Meghan A.

"It is the only sale I always make the time to go to."  - Meg S.

" I love this sale!"  - Jackie H.

Still not sure about selling?  That's ok!  Volunteer!  You can shop early and see how the KidStuff Resale works!

Are you tired of the buy/sell/trade groups?
The whole "clearing the clutter" thing has the potential to be time-consuming and, in some cases, not profitable.

Eliminate the stress!! Do it all at once.  Selling at the KidStuff Resale means a bigger check with less frustration!!

Seller Registration closes on August 2 at midnight!!

How it works:

Make $200-$300 & sell it all in one weekend!​