The family had gone to Starbucks for coffee that morning and the person in front of them paid for their coffee, and this was their way of paying it forward. The next person in line was a young mom with her baby and her 5 year old little girl. Her little girl had a bag of dimes, quarters and pennies to pay for a toy she had picked out. Mom had a few items for baby. When the cashiers told her someone left $20 to help pay for her items, she was amazed and overwhelmed with gratitude! After she paid for her purchase, and before the grateful mother left, she put a few dollars in the food pantry jar as a "thank you", and as her way of paying it forward.

The check-out room of the KidStuff Resale is a calm and happy place.  The line moves quickly down the busy hall, but once shoppers enter the check-out room, all they hear are beeps from the scanners and laughter from shoppers who are excited about their bargains! Nice chit-chat between the volunteers and shoppers fill the room, as the supervisors watch over the even

The KidStuff Resale serves the community and touches many families!  Shoppers find clothing, toys, books, gear and so much more at low prices.  Sellers make money by selling their gently loved items.  Food pantries partner with KidStuff Resale and receive all admission money and extra monetary donations from collection jars placed at the check-out tables.  Unsold items marked for donation are given to local charities, such as Blessing Barn and Home of the Sparrow, and distributed back into McHenry County.  

flow of this well-oiled machine. There are many happy moments shared in this room, but one moment really stands out.

​During the KidStuff Resale last April, a young man and his wife (maybe late 20's, early 30's) came through the checkout with some items and their baby.  After paying, he handed the cashiers a $20 bill.  He said he and his wife wanted them to put that money towards the next person's purchase.

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